Pumpkin Enzyme Mask – Be Bold Skincare

Pumpkin Enzyme Mask

$ 34.00

Brand Sanitas Skincare

A brightening treatment mask that dissolves impurities and dead skin cells while encouraging healthy skin renewal. A targeted blend of organic fruit enzymes, humectants and antioxidants helps decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, hydrates and refines the skin.

• Stimulates cell turnover enzymatically
Enzymes help unclog pores and dissolve sebum
Skin texture and tone benefits from exfoliation
Skin is hydrated and better prepared to retain moisture
Helps reduce hyperpigmentation

Key Ingredients:

Fresh Pumpkin 
Contains exfoliating enzymes that soften and even skin tone
NaPCA Biogenic moisturizer
Hyaluronic Acid Powerful humectant, promotes wound healing, softens skin
Squalane Biogenic moisturizer
Vitamin C Protects, heals and stimulates collagen production