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Knowledge is power. Using a combination of expert analysis and technological modalities, we’ll decode your skin type, identify causes of skin concerns and arm you with the knowledge needed to make your next skincare move. Based on your skincare goals, we design a professional course of treatment, as well as an at home care skincare routine, that works with your budget and your lifestyle.

When it comes to skincare, one size does not fit all. This facial is customized for what your skin needs most. A deep cleanse is followed by a customized mask and ozone aromatherapy steam and the facial concludes with an infusion of anti-aging vitamins and skin firming peptides. A relaxing hand and arm massage is included with each service.

No holds barred with no downtime. This electrotherapy treatment uses positive and negative currents to stimulate the vascular and lymphatic systems, improve circulation and give an instant tightening and firming effect. You’ll see decreased undereye puffiness, reduced appearance of pores and an overall blurring of fine lines and wrinkles. Galvanic therapy also dissolves impurities deep under the skin making it ideal for oily or acneic skin. A vitamin mask delivers a boost of nutrition to the skin and completes this effective, relaxing facial.

Get firmer, smoother, glowing skin from the inside out. In this treatment, a cocktail of peptides and skin plumping, body-friendly hyaluronic acid, gets pulsed deep into the skin via the silent vibrations of ultrasonic waves. The frictional heat accelerates circulation, helps relax facial muscles and improves collagen and elastin regeneration.

Ultra-safe and uber effective, dermaplaning, exfoliates the top two layers of the skin, removes dead skin cells, eliminates vellus hair (AKA, peach fuzz), stimulates the skin's surface and facilitates the absorption of sequentially applied vitamins and peptides. Scars are minimized and dry patches and textural irregularities get swept away revealing healthier, brighter skin.

Get serious with your breakouts. This multi-strategy treatment helps to clear problematic skin without irritation or excessive downtime. A deep pore cleanse, using natural skin soothing minerals and ozone steam, is followed by the gentle use of a facial vacuum to bring skin impurities to the surface and expedite extractions. The use of high frequency galvanic current also neutralizes surface bacteria and helps decrease the discomfort and redness of any inflamed areas.

The Big Reveal

Professional Peels 30 - 45 minutes

Enzymatic Facial Treatment with LED Therapy / 50 minutes / $100

TCA Peel 10% / 3 layers / 30 mins / $100

Jessner Peel 14% 10 layers 45 mins$150

Alpha Peel 20% / 30% / 30 mins / $70

Beta Peel 17% / 30 mins / $70


The Next Level
Professional Enhancements

Target fine lines and wrinkles with a treatment that focus on the facial zones most prone to premature signs of aging. LED promotes the stimulation of collagen as well as healthier, smoother skin.

Sanitas Volumizing Lip Contouring Serum delivers an instant plumping effect for fuller looking lips. A conditioning blend of ingredients helps rapidly diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and imparts an immediate contour effect to the lip area.

Sanitas Contour & Lift Eye Gel instantly firms and tightens the skin around the targeted area. An immediate cooling effect helps stimulate lymphatic activity and diminish the appearance of crepiness, puffiness and dark circles around the eyes.


  • Be Bold Skincare's treatments are highly customized to each client based on the individual’s personal needs, goals and sensitivities. 
  • Packages for all treatments are available.