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Why Home Care Is Half the Battle

Our skin is our largest organ and it's constantly battling weather, UV rays and intrinsic aging without getting the proper TLC it deserves. Taking a few minutes twice each day can be the difference between dull, hyperpigmented aged skin or a glowing, healthy youthful complexion. Cumulatively, that translates to over 700 opportunities to positively change your skin each year. While professional treatments are also an important part of your skin care plan, home care is more than half the battle. After all, would you go to the dentist and not brush your teeth again for 6 months? Here are steps you can take at home to keep your skin healthy and happy!

Cleanse: Remove dirt, makeup and oils from your skin with a gentle cleanser such as Cowgirl Skincare's Desert Recovery Cleanser, which is packed with Vitamins C and E and powerful antioxidants. Swapping in an exfoliating cleanser such as Sanitas Skincare's Lemon Cream Scrub or Glycolic Cleanser three times a week will help buff away dry, dead skin.

Treat: Applying a topical anti-aging serum, lightening agent or acne treatment after cleansing allows for better absorption and efficacy. My personal holy grail favorites are the Brightening Peel Pads (pre-soaked salicylic, glycolic and lactic acid waffled pads) and the Peptide Firming Serum by Sanitas Skincare. Shop your specific skin need here.  

Hydrate: Keep your skin nourished and moisturized no matter your skin type - oily or acne prone skin included! As we age, we lose elasticity and collagen, resulting in deflated tissue. Products that deliver a dose of Hyaluronic Acid can plump your skin and retains up to 1,000 times it's own weight in water.

Protect: During your morning routine, always finish with a mineral SPF. Regardless of the weather or season, UV rays are always present and can cause pigmentation issues, telangiectasia, and skin cancer. Bonus: sunblocks are great makeup primers! Try the Solar Block or Skin Script Rx's award winning Sheer Protection 30 SPF.

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