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Why Home Care Is Half the Battle

Our skin is our largest organ and it's constantly battling weather, UV rays and intrinsic aging without getting the proper TLC it deserves. Taking a few minutes twice each day can be the difference between dull, hyperpigmented aged skin or a glowing, healthy youthful complexion. Cumulatively, that translates to over 700 opportunities to positively change your skin each year.

Why Your Beauty Products Have Stopped Working

Truth: Your Age Can Make Certain Products Less Effective—and So Can Air

Unlike a fine wine, time doesn’t age products in a positive way—and certain products become ineffective quite quickly when exposed to an everyday culprit: air. “Vitamin C is a good example of a product that, when oxidized, loses its efficacy,” says Dr. Levine.

March 03, 2016 by Anne Tamkin

Is Vitamin C for Me?





Vitamin C is a veteran superstar in the skincare industry with tons of research behind, making it one of the most popular ingredients used in skincare product formulation. For my clients who ask what product will actually make a difference - Vitamin C is always my answer!

January 15, 2016 by Anne Tamkin