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Why Buy Professional Skincare Products vs. OTC?

Q: What is the difference between OTC (over the counter products) sold at drugstores or department stores compared to professional products like yours? Do professional products really work better?

A: As aestheticians we’re often asked this question. The reality is there are thousands of OTC products that are less expensive and have good ingredients but are less effective ingiving you results. Professional products are designed to- and often tested clinically to- prove their effectiveness. Professional products have higher quality ingredients and will continue to improve your skin over time. In my opinion, it all comes back to, “You get what you pay for.”

Here are some reasons why professional products are more effective and will deliver better results than drugstore or department store products.

Professional Products:
-Are made in small batches with fresh and active ingredients that are made to deliver results.
– Have higher quantities and percentages of active ingredients to ensure the product does what it says it’s going to do.
-Formulated by cosmetic chemists and sold by an aesthetician who has years of hands-on experience with a true understanding of the skin and its function.
-Have a range of products that address different skin types and skin conditions.
-No added synthetic fragrances, colors or dyes. This lessens your chance of sensitivity and irritation to these unnecessary chemicals.
-High quality ingredients with proven results.

Over The Counter products:
-Made in large batches for the masses so more preservatives are added since the shelf life will need to be longer.
-May have less or lower percentage of active ingredients since they will be sold to “for all skin types” and therefore need to be more basic, simpler formulas.
-Formulated by chemists and presented and sold to the public by corporate marketing specialists.
Lots of hype and clever marketing jargon to get you to buy it.
-Most products are made for “one size fits all.” (If you’re looking for results, it’s imperative that you use products formulated for the unique needs of your skin.)
-Added synthetic dyes, colors and fragrances to heighten the sensory experience and esthetic look for the sole purpose of encouraging sales.
-Low quality, inexpensive oils with potential pore clogging properties. The drug store is loaded with products containing mineral oil and petroleum which are forbidden ingredients by professional skin care formulators.

Since skin care formulas are proprietary, cheap products can easily disguise themselves as looking like quality products–especially if fancy packaging is used. The credentials of the company as well as positive results experienced by real customers make all of the difference in skin care. 

Original post by By Dave Waggoner, Skin Script RX (http://www.skinscriptrx.com/blog/ask-our-educator-over-the-counter-vs-professional-products/)

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