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Why We Love Drying Lotion

Drying Lotion has been getting some extra press lately from a certain Jenner sister but we have loved Sanitas's Drying Lotion for a long time! Our most recent client had this to say:

"I actually got the products earlier today and I must say the Drying Lotion is amazing!! Its 9pm in Sweden and I've had makeup on today for 8 hours and I'm not oily in my t-zone one bit!"

Sanitas Skincare Drying Lotion works to soothe inflamed, oily skin while helping to correct and prevent breakouts. Sulfur and Zinc accelerate healing and help to kill bacteria in the pores. Calcium works to improve cell turnover while vitamin B5 helps to prevent the production of excess sebum.

Drying Lotion calms irritated pores without causing flakiness and can help reduce ingrown hairs when used post-waxing. That's a lot of power packed into a $27 bottle of awesome!

Recap of Drying Lotion:

• Topical nutrients help dry excess oil and reduce sebum
Leaves skin smooth, soft and dry without causing flakiness or irritation
Helps speed healing of broken or blemished skin

Key Ingredients:

Speeds healing, antibacterial
Zinc  Speeds healing, antibacterial, oil absorbing 
Calcium Improves cell turnover, skin healing
Vitamin B5 Prevents formation of excess oils


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